Who doesn’t like to save money?

February 28, 2013coupons, discounts, save money


Who doesn’t like to save money??? I know I do especially in today’s economic climate we are in.  Many people are looking for ways to cut shopping costs and “Shop Mower” is one way to help you do that.  There are many ways to get coupons or discounts such as the newspapers, websites, direct mail and now mobile apps provide coupons.  You might be like me, it’s only a dollar here and a dollar there but in reality that dollar adds up in the long run.  I have four kids and my budget is tight so I try to save money anywhere I can.  I’m always looking for that extra savings!!!

I will be looking for “Shop Mower” in the mailbox to help me save money.  There might be a business I didn’t think about shopping at and with that coupon; it will draw me into that store.  On the other hand, I know there are some businesses who are not offering discount or savings but it could be a business I wasn’t aware of in Mower County that can offer me services or product that I’m looking for.